Walter Locke

About the Member:

Walter Locke grew up in Dayton, Ohio and had nothing whatsoever to do with film or video, though he appeared in a short broadcast series about science for kids. He graduated from Ramona High school in Riverside, CA in 1967 and entered college in Cambridge, MA that fall. While on leave from college from 1970-74, he produced a feature-length documentary about the US-backed coup against Chilean President, Salvador Allende. His researcher/writer, Charles Horman, was murdered in Chile in October 1973 and became the focus of the 1982 Costa Gavras feature film, Missing, starring Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, and John Shea. Walter’s documentary was used by the cast of Missing as reference material. Walter’s movie, Avenue of the Americas, was invited to compete in the 1977 Academy Awards. Joining the ACMi staff in November 2006, as Community Outreach Coordinator, Walter witness the fast and furious development and evolution of a small cable access TV station to the sophisticated and much praised community media hub it is today. After retiring from his position in January 2014, Walter has kept his hand (and heart) in at ACMi, producing specials on his own and short subjects with Studio Knights. Walter now serves as an unsolicited evangelist for the company with which he spent seven wonderful years as Outreach Coordinator—a title happily relinquished to the brilliant James Milan in 2014.

The Santa Identity Crisis

The Santa Identity Crisis

A young boy surprises Santa in this Christmas short produced by Focus Media. Cast Varun Gopal Jimmy Albert Andrus Santa Walter Locke Wife Victoria Kleber Husband Alex Hewes Crew Director Lara Heermance Producer Gayatri Sundar Rajan Director of Photography Samuel Kim...

Voices of Partition

“Voices of Partition,” is a theatrical production based on the narratives of survivors from the 1947 partition of Pakistan and India. Thanks to Ali RoOoh Productions for permission to use clips from its Voices of Partition documentary. Support from the US Embassy and...

Feast of the East

APN’s Julia Around Town attended the Feast of the East 2015 , a celebration of the community in the East end of town.
Back in 30: The Bob Backstrom Story

Back in 30: The Bob Backstrom Story

Studio Knights presents Short Film September 2015: Back in 30: The Bob Backstrom Story Back in 30 is a short satirical documentary about talk show host Bob Backstrom. Screenplay: Kurt Fusaris Director(s): Cyn, Brianne Hill Director(s) of Photography: Krisha Parikh,...

Small Town Big Heart

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to further our mission of placing the latest video production within reach of any Arlington resident – we invite our town to show some love!