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Snap Shot: Remembering Ken Donnelly & Town Election Results

Arlington’s 66-year-old senator, Ken Donnelly, died after an 8 month battle with brain cancer on Sunday, April 2nd. The senator served Arlington and surrounding towns in the Senate for 8 years and was a Lexington firefighter for over 30 years before that. he was a frequent guest on ACMi and APN programming. More in this edition of Snap...

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Arlington Snap Shot: Town Meeting Elections Results

Annual Town Elections took place on Saturday, April 2nd. The voter turnout was relatively low at just over 15 percent. In the open races, Kevin Greeley took 68% of the vote for the Board of Selectmen for a 10th consecutive term. Incumbent Kirsi Allison-Ampe and newcomer Len kardon were elected to the School Committee and will start their terms at their respective next board meetings. In this segment of Arlington snapshot, we take a look at the results of town meeting elections as well as a preview of the upcoming town meeting and special town...

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