Topic: Science and Technology

AHS Physics Experiment

AP Physics 1 students at Arlington High School test their boomilevers to see how much weight they can hold. These boomilevers are built of pine skewers, dowels, toothpicks and are only bound with Elmer’s Glue. The goal of the project is to employ Newton’s Laws in the design to maximize the efficiency of the structure while trying to hold the most weight. Many groups were overjoyed with their results while others were disappointed by the Achilles Heels that arose. So, while this was a project about Newton’s Laws it was also an exercise in the scientific method as well...

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Newscast: March 24, 2016

At Arlington Public News, we cover stories affecting Arlington, MA. In our latest newscast, we have the details on the upcoming town election, a look at a timeline for the possible property tax override and tell you about changes that could be in store for those who want to build bigger homes in Arlington. Plus, contemplating stereotypes: how strong images and words can cause us to rethink preconceptions. That, and more, coming up next. Music: Lunch (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC...

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