On June 22nd, ACMi held is second biennial Awards ceremony for work produced during the previous two years by ACMi members. Here is the list of nominees and winners.

Certificate of Merit Recipients

Outstanding Production Assistant: Shannon Chapman, Stephanie Darcy, Lucas DelBanco, Amy Currul
Most Improved Member Producer: Lucas Delbanco

Intern Award for outstanding volunteer office & production assistance:

  • Stephanie Darcy
  • Kayla Fitzgerald
  • Noel Forte

Educational News Series Award, the nominees are:

  • ACTV (produced by the Arlington Catholic High School Camera Club at ACMi)
  • ONN (produced at Ottoson by student participants in the Ottoson News Network)
  • Ponder This (produced at ACMi by Lucas Gradwohl with Evan Campbell of the Arlington High School Journalism Group)

Instruction/Demonstration Series Award, the nominees are:

  • Gamer’s Edge (produced at ACMi by Alex Van Thong)
  • Just Cook It (produced with ACMi crew by Dave Sammarco in his kitchen)
  • Wicked Green (produced at ACMi by Amy Currul)

Entertainment/Variety Series Award, the nominees are:

  • Arlingtones (produced by Sam Mintz at ACMi)
  • Multicultural Music Magazine (produced by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar at ACMi)
  • The Steve Katsos Show (produced by Steve Katsos at ACMi)

Talk Show/Magazine Format Series Award

  • A Healer in Every Home (Begabati Lennihan at The Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine)
  • Face the Book (produced by Charlotte Pierce at ACMi)
  • New England Journal (produced by Adam Dusenberry at ACMi)

Nonprofit-Produced Special or Series Award

  • Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum Lecture Series (James McGough, Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum)
  • Our Town (Kathy Colwell for the League of Women Voters of Arlington)
  • YAVP-TV (Young Adult Vocational Program of Eliot Community Human Services)

Youth-Produced Program Award

  • Cupcakes (produced by Ottoson News Network, Executive Producer Edith Moisand)
  • Battle of the Bands 2012 (produced by Lucas Gradwohl at Arlington High School)
  • Animal Adventures (participants in the 2011 ACE-ACMi SummerFun Workshop)

Documentary Award

  • Dallin Art Museum Special (Jasper Hamilton, with Sarah Burks, Lucas D’Angelo, Geri Tremblay)
  • Neolithic Agriculture Special (produced by Gayatri Sundar Rajan at ACMi)
  • Tango Pasion (produced by Brian Fiore at ACMi and in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Musical Performance Award for video recording of a staged musical performance:

  • Battle of the Bands 2012 (produced by Lucas Gradwohl at Arlington High School)
  • Marimba Magic (Ed Keith with Sarah Tenney of the Rivers School Conservatory)
  • Multicultural Music Magazine (for “Fusion Concert” — Dr. Nish Sonwalkar at MIT)

Performance Art Production Award

  • Requiem for a Tree (produced by Peter Gordon)
  • Party Punch (produced by Jasper Hamilton, Jasper Hamilton Presents)
  • The Show (produced by Kimberley Harding and Homeschool Group)

Technical Awards

Theatre Production Coverage Award

  • Anandhi Rajamarichamy (for “Ghandi: From Ordinary to Extraordinary”)
  • Andrew Marino (for the Hardy-After-School play, “Tell Me a Story”)
  • Jo Guthrie (for “The Lady’s Not for Burning” at Theatre at First)

Graphics/Effects Editor Award

  • Adam Dusenberry (for New England Journal)
  • Noel Forte (for Focus Media)
  • Danny Wolf (for Focus Media)

Youth Editor Award

  • Noel Forte (for Focus Media, Battle of the Bands 2012)
  • Lucas Gradwohl (for AHS journalism program, Ponder This)
  • Alex Van Thong (for Focus Media, Gamer’s Edge)

Editor Award

  • Adam Dusenberry (for New England Journal)
  • Brian Fiore (for Tango Pasion)
  • Steve Katsos (for The Steve Katsos Show)

Camera Operator Award

  • Lucas Delbanco (for Focus Media)
  • Alex Van Thong (for Focus Media)
  • David Vishniac (for multiple ACMi productions)

Sports Production Award

  • Doug Fagan (for Arlington High School Boys Football)
  • Michael Rielly (for Arlington High School Girls Hockey)
  • George Wood (for Arlington High School Girls Soccer)

Golden Mic Award, Sports Programming

  • Don Phelan (for Arlington High School Boys Basketball)
  • Walter Scott (for Arlington High School Boys Hockey)
  • Scott Zwick (for Arlington High School Football)

Iron Man Award, Technical Crew

  • Yuma Goodman (for multiple ACMi productions)
  • Lucas Gradwohl (for multiple ACMi productions)
  • David Vishniac (for multiple ACMi productions)

Program Host Award

  • Steve Katsos (for The Steve Katsos Show)
  • Begabati Lennihan (for A Healer in Every Home)
  • Dave Sammarco (for Just Cook It!)

Director Award

  • Jim Akimchuk (for The Steve Katsos Show)
  • Adam Dusenberry (for New England Journal)
  • Adam LoNigro (for multiple ACMi productions)

Producer Awards

Youth Producer Award

  • Amy Currul (for Wicked Green)
  • Lucas Gradwohl (for Ponder This)
  • Alex Van Thong (for Gamer’s Edge)

Nominees for Producer of the Year

  • Hugh Hanley, Songs from the Circle;
  • Amy Currul, Wicked Green;
  • Steve Katsos, Steve Katsos Show

Nominees for Best Overall Production — Series or Special

  • Tango Pasion, Brian Fiore;
  • New England Journal, Adam Dusenberry;
  • Steve Katsos Show, Steve Katsos for Second Anniversary Spectacular

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September 6, 2012