A Voice from inside the Gaza Strip

Just as he has done over the course of the war in Ukraine, ACMi News Director Jeff Barnd has connected with an American who shares her experience from within the latest conflict drawing the world’s attention. Ramona Okumura is a humanitarian aid worker with the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund who builds prostheses for child amputees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. She is also the aunt of Arlington resident Leah Okumura, who reached out to ACMi about Ramona’s plight as one of the Americans trapped in the Gaza Strip for several weeks after the Hamas attack on October 7.

Just click on the video below to watch Jeff’s powerful piece highlighting Ramona’s story. It includes first-person testimony and audio from within the war zone, giving us insight that is both personal and deeply moving. ACMi News is both proud and delighted to produce content like this that you cannot find anywhere else, even when that content is grim and heartbreaking.



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November 17, 2023