ACMi Highlights of the Week – February 7

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Authors Describe “Skylar’s Great Adventure”

Unbeknownst to many who have circled nearby Fresh Pond on foot or tire – but of intense interest to those in the know – a real-life drama played out there one recent spring. One of the Great Horned Owlets that lives at the water’s edge took a misstep while still too young to fly, and fell out of the tree. The owlet’s ensuing odyssey back to the nest and, eventually, to the air riveted the attention of a number of locals, two of whom have turned that adventure into a captivating children’s book, Skylar’s Great Adventure. ACMi’s open-to-all-members production group, Studio Knights, sought out the book’s authors, Kim Nagy and John Harrison, for a fun conversation about how this particular passion project came to be, and just how Skylar survived against the odds. It’s the first of a new series entitled Conversations with Great Authors, and you’ll find it on our Public channel.

Staking Out “The Witching Hour”

Do you know what hour is referred to as “the witching hour,” and why? It starts around 3 am, which many who study the phenomenon believe to be the time of highest paranormal activity throughout the night. Investigators from an organization called Argos Paranormal produce “The Witching Hour,” which they describe as a paranormal show that investigates the locations that locals fear and no other show has ever dared to investigate. They choose to do most of their filming during “the witching hour,” which, along with the spookiness of the locations, creates an eerie backdrop against which the earnest investigators seek to measure (and if possible capture) the presence of ghosts and other spirits. It may or may not be your own cup of tea, but there’s very little programming of this sort out there, so we’re happy to provide you with this opportunity to virtually visit a number of famous “haunted” locations in the dead of night, starting with the Belle Grove Plantation, James Madison’s longtime residence. You’ll find this show airing, you guessed it, in the late-night block on the Public channel.

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February 7, 2019