ACMi Highlights of the Week – May 30

Arlington High School Bids a Fond Farewell to Graduates

Every high school graduation is a time of high emotion – a combination of exuberance, nostalgia, and nervous anticipation – for graduates and their families. The 2018 Arlington High School Graduation takes place on Saturday, June 2, and ACMi’s cameras will be there to capture the proceedings in their entirety. Although the weather forecast at this point looks uncertain, you can count on ACMi to bring you every minute, whether the ceremony is indoors or outdoors. The LIVE broadcast will air on our Education channel, as will re-broadcasts throughout the coming weeks.

Big Decisions Coming Up

As most Arlington residents are aware, there’s a big town-wide vote coming up on Tuesday, June 11. On that day, voters will choose whether to approve a debt exclusion to rebuild Arlington High School, as well as an override to address our town budget’s structural deficit. There is a lot of money at stake, so it’s more important than ever for voters to have all the information they need to make a considered choice on June 11th. With this in mind, ACMi is hosting a series of moderated conversations to allow both proponents and opponents of the two measures to give a full airing of their respective viewpoints. For anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of what is at issue (and how it has come to be that way), these conversations are essential viewing. We will package the Pro and Con perspectives on each question as a single 90-minute block, allowing viewers to examine all facets of each issue in one viewing. The conversations will air multiple times every week on our Public channel leading up to the vote.

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May 30, 2019