ACMi Highlights of the Week–October 24


Time Flies (kind of like a football)

News like this reminds us of just how quickly time passes – last Friday, the Arlington High School football team played its LAST home game of the season. It was a seasonably brisk evening, and the capacity crowd was treated to a whale of a game. The scoring came fast and furious, and in every possible form, and the game was hanging in the balance from beginning to end. ACMi provided its usual excellent coverage, and is delighted to air this thriller multiple times over the coming week. And there’s more! The playoff-bound AHS Boys soccer team faced off last week against league leaders Lexington, who came into the game undefeated in 14 contests this season. Both teams were sharp throughout, and the quality of play was top-notch. Wondering what happened? To find out, look for the game airing on the Education channel throughout the week, and enjoy!

The Courage to Change

October means much more than just falling leaves and Halloween. Among other things, it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, reminding us that this is not just a private phenomenon, but one which affects expanding circles of those who are connected to both perpetrators and victims. In recognition of this important issue, we are proud to present Courage to Change: Male Batterers’ Stories. This powerful documentary goes into the Norfolk House of Correction to record the stories of four inmates who offer insight into their own experience with domestic violence, and their efforts to change. The topics they speak about with remarkable candor include class, power and control, parenting, substance abuse, how to change, and the fear of being alone. It is a potent dose of raw honesty addressing a topic that too often remains in the shadows. Given its content, we’ll be airing this important program after 9 pm on our Public channel.

A Taste for the Macabre

Halloween is a favorite holiday at ACMi. After all, besides the universal sugar high and costume creativity it inspires, it also gives movie lovers like us the perfect excuse to indulge our affinity for horror in all its forms, from the gory to the macabre to the spine-tingling. This week, the ghoulish fun starts on Mischief Night (Oct 30) with a line-up of specially selected horror fare that will set you up nicely for the thrills and chills of Halloween itself.

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October 25, 2019