ACMi Provides Town Election Related Programming

In support of increased public awareness of Arlington town government, ACMi offeres the following programming on the Government Channel (RCN 15, Comcast 22, Verizon 26).

Candidate Video Profiles: Recorded live in the ACMi Studio, these profiles offered candidates a chance speak, through our cameras, to their current or future constituency about who they are and what they seek to accomplish in their position. The Candidate Profiles are playing now through April 5th on Sundays 9PM, Mondays 5PM, Wednesdays Noon & 5PM, Thursdays 11AM, and Fridays 5PM. For immediate online viewing visit the ACMi VOD page.

Candidates’ Debates: Recorded at the ACMi Studio and playing from March 18th until April 6th on Sundays 8PM, Tuesdays 5PM, Wednesdays 11AM & 9PM, Thursdays 10AM & 5PM, and Saturdays 5PM. For immediate online viewing of the Selectmen Debate and the School Committee Debate, visit the Arlington Public New Website.

Candidates’ Night LIVE: Hosted by The League of Women Voters of Arlington and Vision 20/20
on Thursday March 21st at 8PM on ACMi’s PUBLIC channel (RCN 3, Comcast 8, Verizon 31).
Replays are on the ACMi Government Channel from Friday March 22 to Saturday April 6th on
Sundays 11AM & 6PM, Tuesdays 6PM, Thursdays 8AM, Fridays 9PM, and Saturdays 6PM.

Election Returns LIVE: Saturday April 6th on the ACMi Government Channel at 8PM.

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March 18, 2013