Arlington Makes Waves Over Airplane Noise

Arlington resident Frank Ciano, who represents the town on the Logan Community Advisory Committee, visited our studio on Dec. 4 to discuss the increased noise from planes arriving at and departing from Logan Airport. Since June 2013, noise in some parts of town, particularly East Arlington, has increased dramatically. Ciano and Belmont representative Myron Kassaraba explained that this is due to the rerouting of planes in order to maximize efficiency and shorten flight times. Our town is particularly affected when the wind is from the northwest, and airplanes are routed on runways 33L and 27. While Arlington is still quiet compared to areas closer to Boston or along more frequented routes, some residents are experiencing intrusive noise levels.

The two community advocates encouraged residents who are experiencing problems to contact the Massport noise complaint line at https://www.massport.com/environment/environmental-reporting/noise-abatement/noise-complaints/

and to contact legislators Sean Garballey, Kenneth Donnelly and Katherine Clark, all of whom have been aware of and are working on the problem:





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December 5, 2014