The most interesting part of social media platforms, like Facebook, is the ability for viewers to comment, like, share, and discuss issues in the media and their opinions about events around them. It is a place of discussion! As a community newscast composed of trained citizen journalists, we are excited to embrace this new form of interactivity.

Arlington Public News is joining Facebook on Friday, January 31st with the goal of providing Arlington News to citizens more efficiently and in an interactive manner. We will be posting stories and highlights, relevant articles, and photos from happenings in and around Arlington. We hope our page becomes a place of discussion and engagement for the community to connect with each other about what is going on in Arlington. But we can’t do it without you! Like our Facebook page and become an active Arlington citizen in any area that interests or affects you. We hope to be your gateway to hyperlocal news in Arlington!

If you are interested in becoming a trained citizen journalist or want more information about our news team, contact News Director Sara Alfaro-Franco at news@acmi.tv Ask about upcoming informational sessions and training workshops.

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January 27, 2014