It All Comes Together on Day 5 of Summer Fun!

What’s the best way to integrate all that our TV Production participants have learned throughout the week in typical ACMi fashion? Why, challenge them with making a 1-minute original film on the last day of camp!

The campers were randomly divided into two groups, assigned a genre for their film, and given a specific character, prop, and line that had to be included. With guidance from ACMi staff and select Summer Fun alums, the kids got right to work (or should I say play?), throwing themselves into the project with characteristic creativity and gusto…


2015-07-17 13.36.06


The results? Although they contained many of the same elements, the films each had a distinctive style that reflected the unique collaboration that produced it. But there is at least one way in which the two efforts were nearly identical – both teams had a TON of FUN making their movies!!

2015-07-17 13.38.50

2015-07-17 13.38.53          2015-07-17 13.38.55

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July 21, 2015