In partnership with the Community for Restorative Justice (C4RJ), the Arlington Police Department is giving first-time misdemeanor offenders a second chance through restorative justice programs. Restorative Justice is a way to give the victim a voice and to let perpetrators see the impact of their actions, and it allows both the victim and the perpetrator to see each other as humans.


“For many years, the Arlington Police Department has been in partnership with the Community for Restorative Justice. They’re a private non-profit restorative justice organization. They’re actually the only restorative justice provider that’s recognized in the commonwealth.” – Chief Richard Flynn.

The Arlington Police Department is one of twelve towns that are reference partners with the Community for Restorative Justice, as is the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.


For more information about the C4RJ, whom they serve, and how they help, visit their website at http://c4rj.com/.

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January 21, 2016