Studio Knights are back in-studio! This Wednesday, July 21st at 6:00 pm, we invite all of our ACMi volunteers – seasoned veterans, regulars, and/or those aspiring to be in media – into Studio A at 85 Park Ave. 

We will start with pizza and a catch-up session with fellow members and volunteers, and then we’ll re-orientate everyone to the studio. It’s been over a year since many people last entered our facility. 

This Wednesday will feature an arts and crafts project. All in attendance will be invited to brush up on their camera, audio, directing, and technical directing skills. Studio Knights will run from 6:00 pm through 8:30 pm.

Please RSVP by emailing production@acmi.tv. We hope to see you then!

Studio Knights meet every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Local producers of all shows, shapes, and sizes are invited to hang out and learn new skills from staff members and each other. For more information about Studio Knights and to RSVP, send an email to production@acmi.tv

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July 20, 2021