Series Spotlight: Justice in the Balance

“Justice in the Balance” is our Public Affairs series that sheds light on challenges, inequities, and inspiring ideas within our criminal justice system. Some of what you’ll find among the 20 episodes in the series:

– we go inside the Middlesex County Jail (at the Sheriff’s invitation) to see innovative new programs at work and speak to prisoners about how they are being impacted;

– we speak with former inmates who have dedicated their post-prison lives to addressing the myriad needs (housing, job training, parenting skills, and more) of those who have been incarcerated and are trying to find their footing once again;

– we explore various alternatives to incarceration, from diversion programs for teens to restorative justice initiatives for all, by talking to those who create and manage such programs, as well as those who have taken direct part in them;

– we sit down with the government officials – including our District Attorney, our Sheriff, and our Police Chief – to discuss their own roles as both the creators and the implementers of new approaches to dealing with the crisis of over-incarceration.

This is one of the most powerful series we have produced at ACMi, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done to shine a light on a complex and vexing societal problem with wrenching consequences for its victims, and heroic opportunities for those willing to tackle it head on.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the series, and in the issue. You’ll find all the episodes here.

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February 7, 2023