Summer Fun Week Part 2: Studio Training

In an astute move given the searing temperatures outside, Summer Fun moved into the main studio today for a double feature of original programming. First up was the 2016 version of “Show and Tell,” a perennial favorite in which students share an object of great personal significance to them, and the story behind it. Filming with the ACMi news set as a backdrop, campers performed not just in front of the cameras but behind them as well, as camera operators, sound engineers, technical directors, and even running the teleprompter!

After lunch, the news set was deftly switched for a video game backdrop and a whole new production was filmed, one in which campers competed as gamers, provided a running commentary of what they were seeing and feeling, and shared their own favorite games to play. Once again, the Summer Fun students crewed the show themselves, manning all the necessary equipment under the (mostly) hands-off supervision of ACMi staffers.
Both you and they will eventually have a chance to see the fruits of their labors, as ACMi will begin airing both programs some time in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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July 27, 2016