See Town Day 2011 any time you’d like on our Video-On-Demand site.

Once again, ACMi will be covering Arlington Town Day, the annual end-of-summer (beginning-of-fall) celebration of all things Arlington.

We will be covering the event live on Saturday Septemer 17th, starting at 10AM (tune in early for some pre-show coverage). The broadcast will be available on the Public Channel (Comcast 8, RCN 3, Verizon 31), through our live web stream, and in the following week on our Video On Demand website (for playback and download).

Town Day will be replayed throughout the month, in full on Saturdays at 10AM, and in segmented pieces on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday at 9PM. For the most up to date playback info, go over to our Public Channel page.

Have a great Town Day!

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September 16, 2011