Everyone aspires to have news from around the world at their fingertips. One minute goes by very quickly. What better way to spend just 60 seconds of your day than by getting updated about local, national and international news? Arlington Public News is excited to introduce a new segment called “World in 60,” in which viewers will receive just such an update, two times a week! Hosted by Aakruti Jagmohan, “World in 60” will sum up events of the previous week and at times even predict what could happen by the end of the current week. This refreshing new show will help you keep up with dynamic situations around the world and in your local community.

Follow the hashtag #Worldin60 and our twitter handle @arlingtonpublic to stay informed about this new show and about stories breaking around the world. “World in 60” will try to encourage positive dialogue between communities to address matters of common interest.

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June 19, 2014