We want to congratulate our colleague Kevin Wetmore on his new job as the Digital Media Producer for Lowell Public Schools, and we also want to recognize the immense contributions he made during his tenure at ACMi.

Kevin took the position of Youth Coordinator at ACMi over six years ago. He solidified the various youth programs and activities we already had in place, and created a range of new opportunities for Arlington K-12 students to learn video production and create all kinds of programming – from high school news updates to a middle school French cooking show to elementary school Green Team videos. Under Kevin’s direction, ACMi’s Studio B became a hive of constant activity, with scores of students learning how to plan, shoot, and edit original programming that became more polished and professional every year.

That constant improvement in production quality also extended to the important realm of sports production, which many in the Arlington community particularly prize. Not only did multi-camera coverage of football, soccer, hockey, and basketball become the norm under Kevin, but ACMi also broadened its coverage to sports like volleyball, wrestling, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee. Most games and matches also include both play-by-play and color commentary, bringing interested parents and adults into the ACMi Sports world as well.

Holding multiple positions over the years, Kevin finished his tenure at ACMi as our Youth Production Manager. He leaves us with a robust and thriving youth production community, and mighty big shoes to fill! We hope Lowell appreciates how lucky they are, and wish Kevin all the success he deserves in his new role. Thanks for everything, Kevin, and don’t be a stranger!

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October 12, 2021