Where to watch AHS Sports?

All AHS Sports home basketball and hockey games will be aired live on the Education Channel. Check our schedule for specific air-times. Miss the game on the channels? Watch, like, and subscribe to ACMi’s Sports Youtube Channel! We include links on the Youtube channel to away-games when available.

RCN 613, Verizon 24, Comcast 9

To our viewing audience –

At ACMi, we are particularly proud of the high school sports coverage we have offered over a number of years, and the increase in both production quality and audience appeal over that time. We know that many of you rely on ACMi Sports to see your family, friends, and neighbors in action, especially now that the pandemic has reduced the opportunity for live attendance.

For these reasons, we want you to know that we understand, and share, any frustration you may have felt in recent weeks, when the live broadcasts of several AHS hockey and basketball games didn’t happen as expected. Simply put, there are network limitations and technical challenges that are quite literally beyond our control, and an unhappy combination of these hampered our ability to carry these games live. Only the live broadcasts were affected – each of the games were successfully recorded and have been rebroadcast on our channels.

We have worked hard to learn what we could from each of these recent instances, and will redouble our efforts to deliver the highest-quality live broadcasts we can. The athletes, and those who support them, deserve nothing less.

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January 6, 2021