Memory Cafe PSA

This one-minute video helps the public learn about Memory Cafés, free social programs for people living with dementia and those who care about them. The video includes scenes from various Cafés and a link to the online directory of all Cafés in Massachusetts ( Cafes are available throughout Massachusetts, including Arlington. A production of the JF&CS Percolator Memory Cafe Network of Jewish Family & Children’s Service. Video is also available in...

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Wide Angle: Episode 48 – Lumbee Indians and the Wider Native American Experience Pt. 2

They were here before the first Europeans landed on these shores over half a millennium ago. Records suggest they typically welcomed the newcomers, even helped the Pilgrims survive that first winter and gain a foothold in this ‘New World.’ Yet Native Americans of the some 500 different tribes that called North America home prior to colonization were thereafter consistently dehumanized, marginalized and forced from their lands, if not warred against and pushed to the very brink. Joining host Peter Bermudes for a special two-part conversation about the Native American experience is Professor Malinda Maynor Lowery, an associate professor of...

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Sustainable Living: Housing Part I

This video is part of a five part series on Sustainable Living: on Housing, specifically a co-housing project called Jamaica Plain Co-Housing Project. It is located on Cornwall St in Jamaica Plain. The host, Margie DiMonte, went on site and meet with Jonas Parker, a resident of the co-housing project. They take a tour both inside and outside while discussing how this project was established. This video was created in coordination with Arlington Community Media, Inc. in Arlington, MA. ACMi is dedicated to providing an electronic forum for the free exchange of information and ideas which reflect the talents,...

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