Hi everyone! My name is Anna Drummond, and I’m an Audio Intern here at ACMi and APN. I have a bio on the site that in case you would like to know more about me and my credentials, but I’ve recently decided to begin writing a blog that provides updates on my audio projects and the things I learn here as I go. Let’s get started! (And I hope you enjoy!)

Although my internship technically ended last week, I agreed to stay on and help out throughout this school semester, so I’ll be giving weekly updates on current projects. One of those projects is a series of Audio Tutorials that will be accessible here at the studio. I work in the Post-Production field, and using Adobe Audition (an audio mixing and editing software program) helps in a lot of different ways for cleaning up audio and making it ready for you all to see…or hear.

Adobe Audition is an amazing tool and I work with it constantly. But that by no means makes me an expert on it. Certain features are still new to me, and new processes for cleaning audio are constantly being updated. In fact that’s the brilliant thing about audio – clips are like snowflakes. Every single new one is different. There isn’t going to be one way to fix every problem. So, in these tutorials, I’m going to take some common problems with audio in post-production and show you a couple of different ways to work on them to produce better quality with things that post-production can fix. I’ll be covering topics like EQing, Separating Dialog from Background Audio, and filling in Dead Soundscapes with Room Tone. All of that and more will be explained in the tutorial videos, so be on the lookout for that!

I think that’s a good stopping point for now, so thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Until Next Time,

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August 5, 2015