What Huntington’s Tells Us About Living

May is Huntington’s disease awareness month and the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, a premiere nonprofit, held a live storytelling showcase at the Regent Theatre on May 11th. The Society is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by the disease. This event was meant to heighten awareness about the fatal genetic disease and tell the emotional stories of those who were affected by it. ACMi News was there and learned that our DNA does not need to determine everything about how we live.
“What Huntington’s Tells Us About Living” was a filmed event. If you missed it, the recordings will be available on hdsa.org.

“I Know Where My Sister Is,” a Ukrainian Horror Story

In recent weeks, ACMi News has been talking to residents in Kyiv, Ukraine to get the latest updates on the brutal invasion of that country. We first established contact with Natasha and John Sennett, who moved from the United States to Kyiv in the fall of 2019, just before the COVID outbreak and of course Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The Sennetts got us in touch with Natsya Popandopulos who is a member of the “Ukraine PR Army” an organization that is dedicated to setting the record straight and debunking the daily propaganda coming out of Russia’s state-run media.

Nastya put us in touch with Anzhelika Todorashko, a Ukrainian who fled her country on day one of the war in late February. Anzhelika wants to tell her story about the horrors endured by her mother, sister and brother. And a caution to our viewers: some of what she has to say is disturbing to say the least. Here’s angelica’s interview with ACMi News director Jeff Barnd.

Planting 5,000+ Flags for U.S. Veterans

In just a few days, most of us will have an extended weekend come Memorial Day on May 30th. It’ll be a time for barbecue’s, ballgames and backyard outings, not to mention great deals at retail stores and car dealers. But beyond that there’s a reason why we mark this holiday.

Arlington’s Director of Veterans’ Services, Jeff Chunglo, will be busy all this month placing 5,500 U.S. flags on the graves of our men and women in uniform. From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism, Chunglo is making sure that amidst the retail sales, picnics and parties, those Americans who fought for our everyday freedoms are honored.

ACMi News: May 13, 2022

Renewed concern this week over the latest COVID-19 numbers. Middlesex county health officials report a jump in positive COVID cases and Arlington’s school leaders are taking notice.

In it’s fourth session town meeting members spoke. Banning certain plastic water bottles in town. We talk to the co-chair of Zero Waste Arlington who tells us he was surprised with the vote tally. We’ll tell you why.

Arlington prepares to honor the men and women in uniform who served our country and have since passed on. More than 5,000 U.S. flags dot the landscape at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, courtesy of a select few, marking this upcoming memorial day 2022.

ACMi News interviews a Ukrainian refugee whose family has been displaced by the brutal Russian invasion of her country. She knows where her sister and brother are, and that’s what has her absolutely horrified. It’s an exclusive interview you will see only here.

All that and more on ACMi News.

Is Kyiv Next?

Russian president Vladimir Putin could be poised to formally declare war on Ukraine within days, abandoning his so-called “military operation” terminology. It was first reported the Russians were hoping to have a complete and total victory in Ukraine by May 9th, Russia’s “Victory Day.” Given the might of the Ukraine army that’s not going to happen.

So what happens now? ACMi News talked to Natasha and John Sennett residents of Kyiv to get up to speed on what is happening in the Ukrainian capitol.