ACMi Joins Mass ACLU and LWV to Present Candidates’ Debate

  Do you know who is the most powerful person in the Massachusetts criminal legal system? According to Rahsaan Hall, Director of the Racial Justice Program at the Massachusetts ACLU, it’s your local District Attorney, or DA, who makes the decision whether to charge someone with a crime, and if so, whether that crime is one that will carry consequences like a long mandatory prison term or automatic deportation (for immigrants). As of today, there is only one scheduled debate between the candidates on the ballot for Middlesex County District Attorney this fall, and Arlington Community Media, Inc. (ACMi),...

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Ferris Bueller Remake at ACMi!

Ferris Bueller:  Crowdsourced Boston When: Wednesdays, July 11th and 18th, 6PM-8:30PM Where: Studio A In case you haven’t heard, ACMi is participating in Crowdsourced Boston again! The idea behind this project is for small teams to re-film shot-by-shot scenes from a popular movie with different materials, actors, etc. and combine them into a feature-length film to be shown at Coolidge Corner Theatre in December. If you want to get involved in the fun, then join us on July 11th, where we will be breaking down our scene! Last year, ACMi members filmed three scenes from Back to the Future! Watch it...

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Fido Fest Arlington’s Dog Video Festival

SUBMIT YOUR DOG VIDEO 2nd Annual Fido Fest: Arlington’s Dog Video Festival & Dog Pageant Saturday, August 18th, 7PM Spy Pond Field, Pond Lane near the Boys and Girls Club   Send in your videos, from a few seconds to 5 minutes. String together pics of your pup and send them in. Share with your neighbors what makes your pups the apple of your iPhone. You can submit a youtube video at Frequently Asked Questions What is Fido Fest? Fido Fest is Greater Boston’s only video festival that celebrates lovable dogs and their loyal humans. All are welcome...

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AHS Building Project Recap and Upcoming Forums & Tours

The AHS Building Project Community Forum happened on June 4th, 7-9pm in Arlington Town Hall. Catch up on previous forums and news coverage by watching the videos below. Keep your eyes peeled for future forums and news segments. Learn more here: APN | Arlington Public News: June 28, 2018 In this edition of APN, the new Arlington High School building design vote comes with a surprise. APN | AHS Design Concept Feedback Forum Recap The Arlington High School Building Committee hosted its fifth community forum at town hall recently. Previous forums sought community input about the strengths and weaknesses...

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Summer Filmmaking Boot Camp

Want to learn what it takes to create your own movies? Join us at Arlington Community Media Inc. No experience needed! We’ll cover all the fundamentals, from story-writing, directing, hands-on camera and lighting techniques, and editing. At the end of the course, you’ll team up to make a final film for public screening! Day 1 Teams were asked to recreate a scene from the classic film, Casablanca, using only the script.  ...

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