Committee proceeds with AHS rebuild design

The Arlington High School Building Committee voted against reconsidering tearing down historic parts of the building at its September 18 meeting. The unanimous vote follows push-back from some residents who have come together against the committee’s June decision to build an all-new high school. A group of residents behind the website, Save Our Historic Arlington High School, had been urging the committee to reconsider tearing down historic parts fo the school, but now say they simply want to keep the front column facade as well the front lawn.  Reached by phone Carl Wagner, who helped spearhead the group says they...

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We’re Ready for Town Day 2018!

Everything is coming together for Arlington’s Town Day 2018 – the weather looks great, the main stage is going up, and folks are eagerly anticipating the usual mix of wonderful music, scrumptious food, and  festive community atmosphere! Here at ACMi, we are also preparing for our traditional roles – welcoming visitors to our custom-designed booth, making sure everything goes smoothly with the main stage entertainment, and capturing all of the sounds and sights for everyone to savor over and over as we move into and through the fall. Please come and see us at our little compound on Mass Ave...

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Summer Bootcamp Film Screening

Greetings Summer Film Bootcamp Filmmakers, Congratulations to all of you! We were all amazed by your creativity. I can’t wait to see the final product. We will have a viewing of the films next week on Tuesday, August 7 at 6 pm at Studio A. Please feel free to bring along friends and family! We will provide popcorn and...

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