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ACMi goes LIVE with Panel Discussion: Police and Community

In the wake of the tragic events of the recent past, ACMi is hosting an important event this Thursday, August 4 – a LIVE panel discussion exploring relations between police and the community, especially populations of color. The guest panel includes Arlington’s Chief of Police, Frederick Ryan, and several members of the community who will share their own particular experience and expertise in a respectful but candid exchange of views meant to promote further public conversation. This moderated conversation will look unflinchingly at the complicated and vexing issue of violence perpetrated by and against the police, and will address the broader...

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(Belatedly) Introducing ACMi’s Summer Interns

We neglected to follow our customary procedure of asking our Interns to introduce themselves to the ACMi community at the start of their internships. On the theory of “better late than never,” we are doing so now, a little more than half-way through their tenures. Starting with the Interns included below, we will post the introductions over the next little while… My name is Kayla Chiara. Being a lifelong Arlington resident,  I am happy to contribute to the community in a way that allows me to be a storyteller. My intrinsic love for film and art has led to...

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Summer Fun Week Part 2: Studio Training

In an astute move given the searing temperatures outside, Summer Fun moved into the main studio today for a double feature of original programming. First up was the 2016 version of “Show and Tell,” a perennial favorite in which students share an object of great personal significance to them, and the story behind it. Filming with the ACMi news set as a backdrop, campers performed not just in front of the cameras but behind them as well, as camera operators, sound engineers, technical directors, and even running the teleprompter! After lunch, the news set was deftly switched for a video game backdrop and a whole new production was filmed, one in which campers competed as gamers, provided a running commentary of what they were seeing and feeling, and shared their own favorite games to play. Once again, the Summer Fun students crewed the show themselves, manning all the necessary equipment under the (mostly) hands-off supervision of ACMi staffers. Both you and they will eventually have a chance to see the fruits of their labors, as ACMi will begin airing both programs some time in the coming weeks. Stay...

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Summer Fun Week Part 1: Silent Films

It sure doesn’t take long for our young Summer Fun students to get right to creating their own videos! After gaining a basic grounding in the various elements of video production on their first day, our dozen middle-schoolers divided into three groups of four on Tuesday. Each team set about conceiving, shooting, and editing a short silent film, with all of the participants taking turns both in front of and behind the camera. In the process, they are already learning about framing, lighting, and sound in the most effective way possible – by doing it! Tomorrow promises a new and different kind of fun challenge, as the campers will bring in objects of personal significance to share with others on “Show and Tell.” They will also be playing video games while learning to run a studio production and much more in the days to come! Stay...

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Special Town Election June 14th

It may not come as news to you that Arlington is facing a number of challenges related to rapidly increasing student enrollments and the state of the facilities in the two high schools that serve the vast majority of our population in the upcoming Special Town Election. On Tuesday, June 14, Arlingtonians will go to the polls to decide Yes or No on three separate questions that ask residents to accept increased taxation to support major projects addressing necessary renovations and expansions in several schools. In an effort to ensure that voters have the most complete picture possible about what is being asked and what is at stake with the three debt exclusion questions, ACMi conducted interviews with various well-informed citizens to flesh out the details for this Special Town Election. You will find links to those included below. QUESTION 1 seeks funding to create additional capacity at the Thompson Elementary School and the Ottoson Middle School to accommodate dramatic growth in student enrollment at both. You can find our interview with Jane Morgan at: QUESTION 2 asks voters to approve funding a Feasibility Study and Schematic Design for a proposed rebuild of Arlington High School. You can find our interview with School Committee member Kirsi Allison-Ampe at: QUESTION 3 solicits voters to agree to fund Arlington’s allocable share of the bond required to rebuild the Minuteman Vocational Technical High School, which serves to educate more than...

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