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First Lights in Arlington Heights Was a Big Hit!

On an unusually balmy Saturday evening in early December, ACMi’s Studio A was the site for First Lights festivities that included:             to open the holiday season! Scores of Arlington’s youngest residents showed up to hear Santa read “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and they brought their parents along to join in the fun! A children’s chorus from the nearby Park Ave Congregational Church led the crowd through a series of beloved holiday chestnuts, cookies and hot cider were provided by host ACMi, and winners of a raffle sponsored by participating local businesses were selected. The event drew residents from all over Arlington (and beyond) to the Heights for an evening marked by high spirits and a palpable sense of community, leaving many with the feeling that a new holiday tradition had been born… If you missed this one, please join us next year!...

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SummerFun Recap

With SummerFun now behind us, we sat down with ACMi Youth Coordinator Jessica Barnthouse to talk about the program and what the students learned. Be sure to tune into the ACMi Education Channel to watch the full SummerFun 2015 special: Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 1:30PM Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at...

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Body Image – Part 1

Body Image is simply defined as the way a person perceives their own appearance. Many people in our society today have a negative body image, which means that they have a skewed or untrue image of themselves.  “People with negative body image see themselves as a distorted image of who they really are. They feel awkward, uncomfortable, ashamed and self-conscious.” (Safe Teens) This untrue image of oneself is mainly caused by a standard of beauty which people attempt to embody. The media, society, and one’s own peers can be the most consistent sources of this appearance expectation. “Only 5% of American women have the body type portrayed in commercials and television in general.” (Huffington Post) This gap between what people actually look like and what they are expected to look like creates the root cause of negative body image. Many teenage girls have expectations of their own appearance that may be physically impossible to attain, which can cause immense dissatisfaction. Therefore, more than in the past, high school students, who are being constantly exposed to the “perfect” appearance, are the most susceptible to negative body image. “But now, thanks to photo-centric social media like Instagram, Snapchat and other messaging apps, kids are exposed to a constant drumbeat of bikini bodies, six-pack abs, and just-right hair 24/7.” (Common Sense Media) Due to the constant exposure to an unattainable standard of...

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Dealing with Adolescence

For some, adolescence can sound like a dirty word. Though most shy away from this uncomfortable and angsty stage, news producer Peter Bermudes is working on a segment revolving around the confusing, frustrating, but ultimately memorable age we like to call adolescence. Bermudes focuses on what it scientifically means to be an adolescent. Though difficult to pinpoint when an individual reaches adolescence, it is measured by both a physical and psychological change. Unfortunately for many, this change comes at a cost. Suddenly, pressures that never seemed to be an issue become a life or death matter, and the “no...

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2013 Battle of the Bands

After a successful production, ACMi is now airing the AHS Battle of the Bands on the Education channel. The event has been broken up into seven episodes highlighting each of the bands performances; new episodes will air on Saturday and Sunday evening at 9PM and we will run the whole event back-to-back in April. Also, here are some photos from the event itself (Photo Credit: Jeff...

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