Arlington Public News: April 25, 2018

In this edition of APN, better communication between towns is the key to a new program aimed at helping police departments respond to overdose incidents. We’re following the rise of ultimate of Arlington and it’s local star, and are school libraries making the...

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Arlington Public News: March 29, 2018

In this edition of APN meet the candidates running in April’s selectman’s race, and tour the in and outs of Arlington high school. AHS students join voices from across the country in saying no more, and see how artists are using empty storefronts as their...

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Arlington Public News: March 1, 2018

  In this edition of APN, the town is facing a deficit– when and how much taxes could go up. Also, Arlington Police are out in front in dealing with mental health calls, we take a closer look. Plus, there is a push to bring new life to the Mill Brook and surrounding corridor. We’ll tell you about that and more in this edition of Arlington Public...

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