AHS Building Project Recap and Upcoming Forums & Tours

The AHS Building Project Community Forum happened on June 4th, 7-9pm in Arlington Town Hall. Catch up on previous forums and news coverage by watching the videos below. Keep your eyes peeled for future forums and news segments. Learn more here: https://ahsbuilding.org/ APN | Arlington Public News: June 28, 2018 In this edition of APN, the new Arlington High School building design vote comes with a surprise. APN | AHS Design Concept Feedback Forum Recap The Arlington High School Building Committee hosted its fifth community forum at town hall recently. Previous forums sought community input about the strengths and weaknesses...

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Summer Filmmaking Boot Camp

Congratulations to all of our fantastic filmmakers! Final Projects For their final projects, members of the Summer Filmmaking Boot Camp were given a genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue as prompts to create a film. Zombie Stew Genre: time travel Character: Selena/Simon Hills as a chef Prop: fish Line of dialogue: “Do you know who you’re talking to?” Salon by the Sea Genre: Sci-Fi Character: Gwen or Gareth Robinson, hair dresser Item: Under the sea creature Line of dialogue: “For the love of my country!”     Day 2 Teams were given a simple dialogue scene to film...

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APN Seeking News Director

The Arlington Public News team is seeking a News Director. Reporting to the Executive Director, the News Director leads and manages the planning, production and presentation of Arlington Public News. She/he also supervises the news team and works in cooperation with staff, interns and volunteers to support ACMi’s mission of providing both essential information and expansive connection within our community. The responsibilities of the News Director include news planning, reporting, editing, and production, as well as intern supervision. The News Director helps define and maintain ethical, editorial, artistic and technical standards for news and news-related programs. Please see our...

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Podcasting 101

From Serial to Dear Sugar to Fresh Air, podcasts are increasingly popular. This three-part series will help you create your own podcast, be it storytelling, interviews, or other creative format. We will explore different types of podcasts (and discuss our favorites), how to pick a theme, and what makes a successful show. Then we’ll focus on technology and production, and learn how to use a free software program that lets you record and edit like a pro. Finally we’ll learn about how to “host” our podcast on a platform such as iTunes or Soundcloud, as well as how to...

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