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Public Notice of ACMI’s 2015 Annual Meeting

Arlington Community Media, Inc. 2015 Annual Meeting Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00 PM (6:00-7:00 – light refreshments served) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Public Notice Arlington Community Media Inc. (ACMi), pursuant to its Bylaws and to Article 9.1 of its Television Access Agreement with the Town of Arlington, will hold its 2015 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00 PM. This public meeting will be held in the ACMi studio located at 85 Park Avenue, Arlington, MA. ACMi members, friends, and the general public are invited to attend the meeting at which the ACMi Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers will provide a summary of the past fiscal year’s activities and events, and a look ahead to its next fiscal year. Norman J. McLeod ACMi Executive Director ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Haven’t renewed your ACMI membership for 2015-16 yet ?  Click here for a membership form....

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E4C – “Eager For Consent” Part IV

About a year ago, an acquaintance of mine, Hannah*, was at a party with some friends. As typical college students, Hannah and her friends commonly drank alcohol on the weekends at parties. This night and this party were no different in that respect. When a guy at the party came up to Hannah and offered her a drink, she was smart enough to say no. She hadn’t seen the drink being made and didn’t know if there might be anything more than alcohol in it. Her friend though, we’ll call him Luke*, was not quite as smart as her. He took the drink from the guy. Luke’s night ends there. When Luke woke up the next morning he had no recollection of the night after drinking the drink that was originally intended for Hannah. The friends thought back on what Luke had drunk that night, to see if he did indeed black out from the strange drink, or just from drinking too much alcohol. All the friends agreed that Luke had maybe 3 drinks before the one intended for Hannah – a record low for him – and came to the conclusion that therefore his blackout could not have come from just alcohol alone. Luke soon learned that he had been roofied on that drink for Hannah. The guy at the party who tried to give it to her...

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News Intern Kawala Xie

My name is Kawala Xie. I’m a senior at Brandeis University with a double major in International and Global Studies and French, and minors in economics and journalism (my favorite, definitely). I have had a goal of becoming a journalist since the age of 14 and I have been working toward that ever since. I spent my first year of college at Boston University, where I worked for BUTV10, the student-run TV station there. That was my first real broadcast experience. Last year I spent a semester abroad in Paris and interned with a Franco-Chinese media company, C-Média, the largest bilingual online video platform of France. During the two months I worked at C-Média, I gained a whole new experience in broadcast journalism, since for the first time I was able to produce news packages independently. Besides my broadcast experience, I have been writing for the only English-Chinese bilingual newspaper in New England, Sampan, for four years. I interview and report local news about the Asian-American community in the Greater Boston area, and then I compose news stories in English and Chinese with the photographs I take. I have been a news intern for APN for two months, and I have enjoyed my time at ACMi surrounded by our wonderful crew. I have learned a lot from them and I really cherish my experience here. Thanks to everyone here...

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Paid Parking in Arlington

The Town of Arlington’s paid parking program kicks off within the next week or two with the reintroduction of paid parking in Arlington Center’s Russell Common and Railroad lots. Over the past six months, while the lots were upgraded, parking was free. Kiosks in both lots are now powered by solar energy, which ensures seamless operation. The lots also feature plug-in parking for electric cars. Phase Two of Arlington’s paid parking program is the installation of parking meters along Massachusetts Avenue. A vendor is slated to be picked the first week of November. Poles for the meters will be installed soon after the vendor is chosen, and hopefully before the first snowfall.  Meters will take both coins and credit cards. Parking is 4 hours maximum from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is free. Arlington offers parking permits for $50 per month. Stay tuned for more...

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Marijuana Dispensary

This week we asked people for their opinions on a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in town. The proposal came before the Board of Selectmen several weeks ago but was tabled until the Board could gather more information, particularly from town police and public health officials. Strikingly, more than the usual number of those we approached chose not to be interviewed.  Typically, many people decline the opportunity on any subject, due to time constraints, concern about their appearance on camera, or other reasons. This time, in addition, some expressed fear of speaking out on a controversial topic. One woman was concerned that it could interfere with her work in the health care field. A man said his way of thinking doesn’t jibe with typical Arlington liberal views.  Others did not specify, but their hesitancy was palpable. This seems to be an issue where many people will go on record in the voting booth, but not on air. We therefore applaud those who spoke out, bravely, in our interviews. In coming weeks, Selectmen will have the unenviable task of not only publicly speaking their own opinions, but also speaking for the more-silent-than-usual...

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